I’m kinda stuck. I created a script that can read out cat /proc/net/rpc/nfsd
For some reason when I leave he script do the normal polling, it generates a rrd file “A.rrd” and this includes the data that is supposed to be under app-nfs-default-$app_id.rrd If I run
./poller.php -f -m in -h HOSTNAME -d the correct rrd files are made. (which are app-nfs-[default,proc2,proc3,proc4])

here is the poller log : (including print_r)

Anyone has a clue ?

You can only generate one rrd file with each data_update() call.

So you must call data_update() four times in your example, setting rrd_name, rrd_def, and fields properly for each one.

Also, data_update() needs to be called exactly once for each RRD with complete data.

By the way thanks for looking into this. I think you are heading in the right direction.

I do call a data_update() for these value’s :

  • proc2
  • proc3
  • proc4
  • proc4ops
  • default (these include NFS value’s that are for every version of NFS)

So I should be seeing 5 (maximal) files with these names device/app-$value-$app_id.rrd
instead I see 1 file device/A.rrd that is “default” rrd layout. So while my code does the wrong call for some reason its downstream of my code something failes and returns a faulty name.

This however is only when normal polling happens if I execute :
./poller.php -r -f -m applications -h device -d
Then it shows the good names for create …

Thanks for looking, I checked again today, but I must trigger some deep bug or mistake that is not easy to spot, as I really looked to the other applications and they do similar stuff.