No Alerts but there is a history

I installed librenms on Ubuntu 20 last week. Everything is running great but one issue. Nothing is showing for Notification Alerts. In history I can see them and in Alert Rules I can see both critical and warning for some items i am testing. But they never show up on the alerts notifications. When I hover over the ! it says that some devices are alerting, but the Alerts screen is blank.

Hit F12 and check console. Is there any error when you load /alerts ?

I had a similar issue recently and it was due to a wrong alert rule that I created. Try to disable all the alerts and enable them one by one. You will discover the one that has issues.

A couple of possibilities.

  1. Check to make sure you have no scheduled maintenance windows that would affect the devices that aren’t alerting. Alerts that occur on a device flagged as scheduled maintenance will show up in the history (as far as I know) but will not show up in Alerts->Notification and will not send alerts.

  2. Check the individual devices - press the edit button (gear icon) then check that disable alerting and ignore alert tag are off otherwise the same thing will happen.

Also not directly related but keep in mind when you define your alert rules that severity must be set to warning or critical to generate an alert, and if delay is set longer than your polling period then an alert can happen in one polling period and clear in the second polling period without alerts being sent.

I have some of my alerts like ICMP ping no response set to 6m delay on purpose so that a device has to fail in two consecutive polling periods before an alert is sent, to avoid false positives that some devices can generate. (However in this case the alert will still be visible in Alerts->Notifications.

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