No map to display, this may be because you aren't running auto discovery or no devices are linked by mac address

Overview–>Maps–Network -
Trying to get this data got error as “No map to display, this may be because you aren’t running auto discovery or no devices are linked by mac address.”

Steps to Reproduce the issue
Login to LibreNMS UI
go to overview → Maps–>Network

No map to display, this may be because you aren’t running auto discovery or no devices are linked by mac address.

Output ./Validate php

I have changed the config.php but dont know how to generate configurator output.

Kindly help on this …

Sivasankari N

check out

Thanks for the link
Yes i have referred this link
Changed config.php in terminal

Configurator output where i can generate? config file changes in /opt/librenms correct?
Kindly tell how i can generate configurator output.
In UI means, where i can verify

Configurator Output

Once you’ve achieved your desired map appearance, click the generate options button at the bottom to be given the necessary parameters to add to your config.php file. You will need to paste the genrated config into config.php the format will need to look something like this. Note that the configurator will output the config with var options you will need to strip them out and at the end of the config you need to add an }'; see the example below.

Network map and Weather map are two different things. for that look into Weathermap - LibreNMS Docs

If this configured Maps–>network details will show?

if means will try and update
Thanks for the help

Network maps can be generated either using xdp or mac.

I use xdp only, which means devices which support LLDP, FDP, or CDP and make this data available over SNMP in a way that LibreNMS understands will allow a network map to be automatically generated, but the map will of course only include these devices. (Typically switches)

Here are my config.php lines to enable this:

$config['autodiscovery']['xdp'] = true;
$config['network_map_items'] = array('xdp');

If none of your devices support a protocol like LLDP or it is not enabled you will not get a network map.

Log into your switches and check if they have LLDP support and if so you will need to enable and configure it, then if you have the above in your config.php LibreNMS will start collecting the data.

Note - xdp data is only collected by the discovery poller which by default only runs every 6 hours, however you can manually run discovery on individual switches if you like to speed up the process.

The other method is mac - this uses the mac address tables of all devices which supply this information over SNMP to build a network map.

However I have personally found this mode useless as it includes nearly all devices on the network including all clients reported by switches causing a huge, slow furball of a map which can’t be usefully filtered down. So I wouldn’t bother with the mac mode.

Ok thank you will check the same

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