No map to display, this may be because you aren't running autodiscovery or no devices are linked by mac address

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Hi guys,
i have installed Librnms on ubuntu 20.4 all works fine ,except my netwok is nt formed in maps,i cant c FDB tables too ,php validates is fine.plz help guys
Thanks a lot in Advcance

Hi @rohitm
We’ll need more details to help you.

  • What devices
  • What kind of data they provide (LLDP, ARP ?)
  • What kind of map would you like to see

PS/ Please try to write sentences with all letters, all words, etc etc. You’ll get more chances to be helped if people can understand you …
I am not an english native speaker at all but I try my best to write sentences that can be understood by others.

sorry for that sir,
i will make a note.
Devices used are Huawei switches
LLDP protocol
Network MAP of my devices
currently it’s working
but the problem is some devices are not showing neighbor table whereas some are showing
only two switches are ploted on map