No Processors at /opt/librenms/includes/html/graphs/device/

Dear Community Today I open my Librenms Server and i stuck here:

No Processors at /opt/librenms/includes/html/graphs/device/
No Processors at /opt/libre

Is there some issue with my system, Please help me out with some solution
Thanks in Advance !!!

what page are you trying to visit?

now on every page its showing the same.
on every page it shows to check librenms.log.

Can you show the Exception (and stack trace) from your librenms.log?

here is the Exception which i am facing in my librenms.log

Dang, no backtrace :frowning: I’ll have to guess…

What version are you on? Can you post the output of ./validate.php?

Yes Sure !

And the version i am using is 23.9.1.

That fatal error is disturbing. You have something wrong with your system that is preventing validate from running… I’ve never seen that before.

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