No Real Time Graphs

Hi Guys,

I have just installed LibreNMS to monitor our network devices however, I am seeing an error on the real-time graph page.

I am currently using Chrome

I have tried to use Firefox but the real-time graph page only shows blank without any error messages.

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
If you need anything, feel free to ask. Thank you.


run ./validate.php and pastebin the output.

I had the same thing, it was down to my nginx config.

Do you have anything like this in your nginx config file:
add_header X-Frame-Options DENY;

Can you open the page in Chrome and then hit F12, what errors are in the console?


Hi Everyone,

I have solved this issue with tslytsly suggestion.

I have found that X-Frame-Options has been set to Deny. Iā€™m using Apache2 as my web server.

Thanks for all the help.

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Good stuff. :smile: