No "Routing, BGP Sessions" shown from Fortigate VDOM's

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We’ve got several Fortigates running BGP, all the BGP sessions from these routers show up nicely in the BGP routing sessions tab (button Routing, BGP All Sessions).

But we’ve also got a few Fortigates with VDOM’s running BGP, strangely enough these sessions are not shown under BGP All Session (or BGP internal / external).

It seems these sessions just aren’t being registered.
The physical Fortigate that is runnning these VDOM’s is added to LibreNMS, is there a way to also monitor the BGP Sessions from the VDOM’s?

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I am facing a similar problem

Are you using SNMPv3?
Fortigate has since 5.6.11 enabled polling BGP information for VDOMs SNMPv3. See (554099 Can’t poll SNMP v3 statistics for BGP when ha-direct is enabled under SNMP user).
However, in order for it to work, LibreNMS has to append the user with “-name_of_vdom” to collect this information. It means that LibreNMS would have to loop through all VDOMs to find BGP peers.

Example to obtain BGP information from the “testing” VDOM where a user snmpv3user is configured:
snmpwalk -v3 -l authPriv -n "" -a MD5 -A secret -u snmpv3user-testing -x AES -X secret -Oq udp:FIREWALLFQDN:161

OID to get the VDOM names:
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.12356. “root”
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.12356. “testing”

I hope this helps the developers to figure out how to code it :slight_smile:

This can also be done with v2