No URLs for sort options

We use librenms on a TV monitor in our office. We have the “Memory health” page up to keep an eye on ram used in our servers. We can click the “Usage” to sort by precent used which is great, but if the page ever reloads, it goes back to sorting by default which is by hostname I think.
On other pages doing some things changes the URL, which is great because I can set a book mark for those. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for the health pages.
Anyone have any tips?

You could turn off page refresh…but I don’t know how you are gonna keep new data refreshed in the Web UI.

Page refresh should be off for that anyway as all bootgrid ajax tables refresh themselves.

Why not use the dashboard and the top devices widget set to memory?

I had the page up for a day or two and it never changes. He means like if they have to close the browser and re-open.