Nokia SAP doesn't graph and hided from device

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Thanks to @loopodoopo for

I’m dealing with Hardware 7250 IXR-e, Operating System Nokia SR OS (TiMOS) 20.10.R2
I have re-discovered the device but in Device > Routing > MPLS I can’t see anything.

I can go to Routing > MPLS > SAP and I can see all SAP lines. However I can enter on any but there’s no graph, all values are 0

Can anyone give me a track?

Hi @gil.obradors,

7750 and 7250 have different OID’s for SAP traffic, I have only implemented 7750 because this is the bigger part of our network. I believe the following OID’s should be used for 7250:

Sap Ingress Forwarded In-Profile Bytes

Sap Egress Forwarded In-Profile Bytes

I’m not 100% sure if there are also counters for SAP drops as I have implemented them for 7750. Would you care to create a PR?

I’m from python and c/c++ , but I’m going to try to create PR!

Many thanks!

Oh, the topic it’s more easy to explain, more difficult to resolve.

I need sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedHiPrioOctets and sapBaseStatsEgressQchipForwardedInProfOctets instead of configured in PR… This will be more complciated to manage, because every customer will have deployed differrents configurations.

Is safe and consistent to add more fields into the graph that you configured? I 'm worried about the data and time that GetBulk will consume. I don’t know the architecture of Librenms for the polling process
Do you think we can introduce this fields in your graph? Is safe?
( I have hundred of SAP lines and I will have more) My other plan is out of librenms with gRPC, but could be fine have this data into Librenms…

What do you think ?           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedHiPrioPackets         LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedHiPrioOctets          LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipForwardedInProfPackets        LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipForwardedInProfOctets         LEAF  Counter64               sapBaseStatsTable                                    NODE             sapBaseStatsEntry                                    NODE           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipDroppedPackets               LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipDroppedOctets                LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedHiPrioPackets         LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedHiPrioOctets          LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedLoPrioPackets         LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedLoPrioOctets          LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressQchipDroppedHiPrioPackets         LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressQchipDroppedHiPrioOctets          LEAF  Counter64           sapBaseStatsIngressQchipDroppedLoPrioPackets         LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressQchipDroppedLoPrioOctets          LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressQchipForwardedInProfPackets       LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressQchipForwardedInProfOctets        LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressQchipForwardedOutProfPackets      LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressQchipForwardedOutProfOctets       LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipDroppedInProfPackets          LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipDroppedInProfOctets           LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipDroppedOutProfPackets         LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipDroppedOutProfOctets          LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipForwardedInProfPackets        LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipForwardedInProfOctets         LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipForwardedOutProfPackets       LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsEgressQchipForwardedOutProfOctets        LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsCustId                                   LEAF  TmnxCustId          sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedUncoloredPackets      LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressPchipOfferedUncoloredOctets       LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsAuthenticationPktsDiscarded              LEAF  Counter32          sapBaseStatsAuthenticationPktsSuccess                LEAF  Counter32          sapBaseStatsLastClearedTime                          LEAF  TimeStamp          sapBaseStatsIngressCPMPackets                        LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressCPMPacketsHi                      LEAF  Counter32          sapBaseStatsIngressCPMPacketsLo                      LEAF  Counter32          sapBaseStatsIngressCPMOctets                         LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngressCPMOctetsHi                       LEAF  Counter32          sapBaseStatsIngressCPMOctetsLo                       LEAF  Counter32          sapBaseStatsIngPchipRcvdValidPkt                     LEAF  Counter64          sapBaseStatsIngPchipRcvdValidOct                     LEAF  Counter64

rrdtool does not really allow modifications of the structure. The best way to add them is to create a new rrd file. One graph can reference multiple files. Other than organization, there is no downside to multiple files.

Thanks @murrant for the hint!

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