Nokia SRLinux devices seen as OS of TiMOS (issue for Oxidized)

Hello dear LibreNMS community,

I am facing a little issue on Nokia SRLinux devices. Their OS is reported as TiMOS but in reality it is SRLinux.

This is an issue for me because I also have Nokia SROS devices that have the OS TiMOS and when configuring Oxidized to backup the configuration, the model to use is based on this OS field.
I wasn’t able to find any mention of TiMOS in the SRLinux SNMP MIB.
Here is the OID where I found the OS information : .
I can clearly see SRLinux (+ the version and the model of the device).
Whereas on a SROS device I see TiMOS (+ the version and the model of the device).

I know SRLinux is not yet officially supported by Oxidized but a PR will soon come to add this support so I wanted to have the right OS.

Do you know what to do to get this OS field right for SRLinux, please?

Thanks in advance and have a great day!

After a quick look at the code, there is a TiMOS.php file under LibreNMS/OS folder but no SRLinux.php. I suppose this kind of devices are not supported yet.
I also searched in the existing issue and PR but couldn’t find anything about SRLinux.

By adding them to LibreNMS most of the data collected are correct. But few seems missing (like fan or BGP sessions). It might be normal as it is trying to look for TiMOS data.

So I guess we need to create this SRLinux.php from scratch.
My skills are limited on this but I can provide help and test on real devices.

Hello again,

So I fixed the Oxidized part by changing the way I am matching groups.
I used the regex option on the field sysDescr instead of os.

But the issue with the SRLinux devices not properly working is still ther.
Should I move this thread in Device Requests section?

Have a great day!

You can map similar os inside oxidized config file like this:

  TiMOS: SRLinux

Hello zombah,
Thanks for the answer the problem is that I have both real TiMOS (SROS) and SRLinux devices. So if I do that the SROS will be treated as SRLinux.

I have the right group now by mapping on sysDescr.

$config['oxidized']['maps']['group']['sysDescr'][] = array('regex' => '/^SRLinux.*/', 'group' => 'srlinux');
$config['oxidized']['maps']['group']['sysDescr'][] = array('regex' => '/^TiMOS.*/', 'group' => 'sros');

But I still can’t change the model in Oxidized.
I am still struggling with this as the model_map seems not working in Oxidized config…
A solution could be to manually change the os field in the DB but I don’t like this.

Just clone oxidized model then with new name its seems easier than regexp plays.