Non-HTML alerts still use HTML escaping

Hi All,

Has anyone noticed that when you have “Use HTML emails” turned off in Settings->Alerting->Email HTML escaping is still applied to the body of alerts ? For example:

Message: WARNING - Certificate '' expires in 21
day(s) (Tue 22 Jun 2021 23:59:59 GMT +0000).

This can make some alerts difficult to read. I did try using htmlspecialchars_decode() in the alert template to convert from HTML escaped text back to normal text but it made no difference so I can only assume that LibreNMS runs all alert text through htmlspecialchars() after the template processing is done, regardless of whether HTML emails is enabled or not.

Is this a bug or something that hasn’t been considered before ?

As well as non-HTML email alerts I also use pushover, and the alert text sent to the pushover client also includes HTML escaping despite it not even being an email.

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