Normal user has access to graphs for unassigned interfaces

We have a nomal user defined in the configuration.
This user has one port assigned, so he can check the graphs.
When the user arrives on the default dashboard, he cannot see other things than the port assigned to him which is normal.
We also have another shared dashboard with some graphs widgets. The user has access to this dashboard, and can see all the graphs, for ports that are not assigned to him. Is there a way to either block the normal users to have access to shared dashboards, or to ensure that the user cannot see anything even if the dashboard is in his list ?

Is there plans to have granular dashboard sharing in a near future ?


On my instance, a normal user has empty graphs on any shared dashboard, and if they click on them they have “insufficient permissions”.

To try replicate, what type of graphs are there? and Dashboard is shared in (read) mode ? LibreNMS version?

The only thing i might remember to recall, is granting 1 port from a device, grants any port for the same device in a dashboard context, maybe you could try verify that by adding another device to the dashboard which the user doesn’t have access too

Hello Chas,

thanks for your reply.

The port that the user has access is not on the same device that the graphs displayed on the dashboard, so that’s likely not the issue :(.

The dashboard is shared in read mode. The widget are port_bits graphs.

LibreNMS version is [1.63-63-gf5b4d088b - Wed Jul 01 2020 00:15:06 GMT+0200]