Not able to monitor apache application on librenms

i am running librenms on apache2 and i am trying to monitor the apache 2 application, i am seeing the following error

Traceback (most recent call last): File “/etc/snmp/”, line 42, in f = open(cachefile + “.TMP.” + str(os.getpid()), “w”) PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/cache/librenms/apache-snmp.TMP.110506

how do i fix this please help


Have you configured apache to allow connections from LibreNMS?

It tells you what’s wrong, Snmp cannot write the file /var/cache/librenms/apache-snmp.TMP.110506 so fix the permission for that folder

i am new to ubuntu, apologies for the silly questions

@Sparky i am not sure how to check or allow the connections from librenms to apache
@Jellyfrog i dont know how to do it, hence i posted it here for help

@Jellyfrog look for apache logs on the server and see if connections are 200 or denied from LibreNMS.
Make sure /var/cache/librenms/apache is owned by the user LibreNMS is running

@Sparky could you please tell me how to do this as i explained in the previous post i am new to ubuntu and dont know how to do it