Not pulling lat/long from SNMP location


I have a fully working LibreNMS installation but trying to get location data back from my devices. I’ve added the location in [lat, long] format to the SNMP location string and it is returned when testing with snmpwalk, but I see no change in the interface and the map still shows my devices in the middle of the Atlantic.

Any help welcomed, thanks in advance.


Take a look at http://librenms.dpac.gum/locations to verify if the database has the locations.

If it shows lat/long, then you need to look at your map settings.

Thanks - the location is there, but with no lat/long. How would I troubleshoot from here?

EDIT: Sorry that was complete nonsense, the coordinates are there.

So it must be the map settings, can you point me in the direction of the relevant bits of config?

FURTHER EDIT: This is working! Seems it just took a long time to poll and update. Thanks for the help all the same, the default map settings seemed to work fine.

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