Not Receiving a recovery alert ever, or before new alert is issued


Recently I learned a lot about Alerting (Rules, transports, and templates). and applied many alerts regarding to these information thanks to LibreNMS Docs.

Currently I am struggling about recovery alerts for many of alerts I have.

The problem is; I receive a notification that Alert is hit and active. After some time 2 situation that shouldn’t happen occurs;

1 - When the alert is active, I receive another alert (same alert rule) when the other one is still active even though the Max is set to 1.
2 - When the alert is over, I don’t receive a recovery alert regarding to that alert; Recovery Alert is set to ON.

Example; Yesterday night I received 2 alerts, but 2 of them had no recovery alert before the new one issued.

One of my rule that I am having these two issues;

Rule Name: someBW Control


 %devices.sysName = “myDevice” &&
 %macros.port_usage_perc >= "50" &&
 %macros.port_up &&
 %ports.ifName = “somePortOfDevice”

Severity : OK
Max alerts: 1
Delay: 300
Interval: 0

What could possibly go wrong about it? I want to achieve that If the alert is active, I only want to receive 1 notification and whenever the alarm state ends I want to receive Recovery Alert right after its over.

Thanks in advance for any guides and help.