NUT, Multi-UPS support, more than just APC

I’m starting to bake the Network UPS Tools (NUT) stuff into my ecosystems and it looks like LibreNMS has a good amount of support already ( ).

However, it looks like a few shortcomings exist, and I think it would be sweet if we could address them:

  1. It looks like APC is really the default (only?) model. NUT has a massive HCL and it would be tasty if we could support a lot of that.
  2. It looks like the NUT module can only handle one UPS. However NUT can manage many UPS’ in one installation. I think we should bring support for lots of UPS device recording.

I think that’s the most of it. I don’t have the hardware just yet to test this, but my foresight is tingling here. I don’t have deez NUTs just yet.

Thanks peeps!