Nvidia APP color of Graphs

Hi friends,

Please Is possible to change the color of graphs for Nvidia APP ? Because yellow color is horrible with white background. I cant see values correctly.

Thank you.

Sure thing, you can submit a pul request yourself to make this change.

You can look in the html/includes/graphs/application/nvidia* files.

You need to change the color palette called “manycolors”. You can do it in your config.php by adding something like:

$config['graph_colours']['manycolours'] = array(
"A9CC8F", "82B16A", "5C9746", "3D8128", "1E6C0B",   // greens
"B2C8D9", "779DBF", "3E75A7", "205F9A", "00488C",   // blues
"BEA37A", "907A52", "7A653E", "63522B", "3D3000",   // browns
"F3AA79", "EB8953", "E1662A", "DC5313", "D84000",   // oranges
"B5B5A9", "8B8D82", "74796F", "5D645A", "434C43",   // greys
"E6A4A5", "D6707B", "C4384F", "BC1C39", "B30023",   // pinks

Originally the list contains 5 yellow colors in the beginning, which I removed here.