Office365 SMTP - Test Shows Successful, But No Mail

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get alerting working with O365 smtp service with no luck. I did setup transport rules, tested them with gmail smtp and it works fine. For this specific instance, I enabled SMTP Auth for the account which will be tied to LibreNMS, tested it in another linux distro.

GUI and CLI tests return success :

Attempting to email Device ****** recovered from Device Down! Due to no ICMP response. to: *****@*****
OKSQL[insert into `eventlog` (`reference`, `type`, `datetime`, `severity`, `message`, `username`, `device_id`) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) [null,"alert","2024-01-08 17:13:34",1,"Issued recovery for rule 'Device Down! Due to no ICMP response.' to transport 'mail'","",1] 1.2ms]

Gmail works, o365 does not. I want to check the logs but could not find the log location.

Could you help me troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks in advance.