Offline Update

I’ve recently installed LibreNMS to a network where no internet is available and never will be, because of security reasons. Anyway, is there an easy way to upgrade the installation? I’m guessing I could have a clean install elsewhere and copy the code and run db upgrades one by one?
Also after the laravel switch I guess db ops would be easier?

Yeah, best way is to copy everything after running or git pull/composer install.

Make sure you still run on the offline install (with updates disabled).

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I’m in a similar boat. We actually manually update libre via zip file. We actually can’t use git, so even with the web enabled the auto update won’t ever work.

Since we use centos, we are hoping to make RPMs in the future and simply do a direct update via usb/cd or just plain upload through the internal network.

Process involves shutting down all the services, moving the existing librenms directory and creating a new one with the zip. You move over the config/logs/rrd from the old directory to the new and any necessary changes to have an up-to-date copy. Once that is done, start everything back up and see if validate.php spits back any craziness.

So far that method has been working for me.

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Could you please tell me the steps how you have installed LibreNMS with no internet connections? I am doing the same for my project.

Sorry, I missed your post. You can’t really be offline 100% to update. To install you will need a local file repo you can at least get all the files needed to do the install.

Figured I’d share this script. This is just a test of how some offline upgrades can happen. In the example, you can test it by pointing the url to the zip files on github. This can basically be any other webserver with your pre-canned librenms version. So far it’s been working for me.

It’s not perfect but it should help a few others.