OID/Sensor matching

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I’m very new in the LibreNMS world. I read a lot, experience a lot, (fail a lot :slight_smile: ) and I have a question.

How can I make the matching between a LibreNMS sensor and an OID?
The goal it to be able to create alert rules based on the template that exists. They use OID to match the sensor.

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What exactly are you trying to alert off of?

Hi Kevin,

I would like to monitor basic sensor state of servers. Fan ok? Power supply OK? etc.
I see the state in LibreNMS interface, translated info a human language but the available alert template uses OID code… Where can I find the match?

No need to specify OID for the alert rules. Just use these alerts already in the collections.
Since PSU and Fan are states sensors you can use these alert rules from the alerts collections.


Also check here → Home - LibreNMS Docs


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