On Librenms not able to check syslogs on added devices

I have installed libernms and added some device over there. Now I want to check syslogs of added devices, how can I check. Is there any need to change the configuration

Did you setup and configure syslog?


I have downloaded pre-configured sandbox from libernms site.

I have added devices in Libernms and now i want to check syslogs . Is there need to be change any configuration or some thing else?

Yes i did setup.

Check with tcpdump that you are receiving the syslogs to the LibreNMS server on your specified port in the config (Default is 514 tcp/udp).

To clarify you are seeing “No results found!” under Device -> Logs -> Syslogs?

You enabled syslog as per the doc in your config.php ?

In the doc I sent you shows you what to configure.