Only receive recovery alert by mail

I have currently an odd problem. Recently, i don’t get mail when alerts go up, but i still get the recovery mail.
I’m using smtp to a server i own, and i don’t see the mail coming in. But if i do a test with /scripts/test-alert.php, i get the alert mail.

This problem is for every device on every rule of my librenms, not to a specific one. The event log doesn’t seems to say anything, but i pretty sure the mail never arrives to my mail server, so i suppose libreNMS never sent it.

My question is how only the recovery are working, and not the alerts ? Plus, what is the meaning of this gray flag ?

Heres the output of validate.php (i’m using the daily auto update) which seems fine:

I’ve seens similars old posts of this problems, that have been corrected by daily updates.
If you want more informations or else, i’ll be happy to give it, i may have skipped something.

Thanks in adance to anyone who could guide me to troubleshoot this.

Could you show your configuration for alerts?

Yes of course here it is :

It’s seems that after updating one of my poller kernel version (librenms version was the same), its working. Just watching if it was all or if i have still some problems

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