Opentsdb extention in librenms

hi @laf
i have I followed your advice and jonatan for the extention of OpenTsdb and when
When i used the programm

    $config['opentsdb']['enable'] = false;
    $config['opentsdb']['host'] = '';
    $config['opentsdb']['port'] = 4242;
    $opentsdb = fsockopen($config['opentsdb']['host'], $config['opentsdb']['port']);
if ($opentsdb !== false) {
echo "Connection made to {$config['opentsdb']['host']} for OpenTSDB support\n";
} else {
echo "Connection to {$config['opentsdb']['host']} has failed, OpenTSDB support disabled\n";
//$config['noopentsdb'] = true;
    $metric= "sys.cpu.fifo";
    $timestamp= 134684640;
    $value= 18;

$line = sprintf(‘put %s %d %d %s’, $metric, $timestamp, $value, $tags);
fwrite($opentsdb, $line . “\n”);

outside librenms as you see in test program, they work it and they send the data in OpenTSDB as you see in the picture 2

and i find the data of with grafana.

but when i come to use this in librenms With all

modifications in (poller.php, check-services.php,, and )

after this i don’t find the data in OpenTSDB. I think it is because the Syntax data retrieve from librenms with opentsdb_update is not compatible whit opentsdb i have see this because when i try to send a false syntax with the first program they dosen’t work it

opentsdb_update($device, $metric, $tags, $fields);

Can you please orient me. ?? How I can see with the data example use echo’advice, measurements … ’ before doing data_update in order to send in the défirents data bases
I hope to be a little clear:slight_smile:

thank you in advance

You are much better putting some comments in the pull request for the author to look at.