Opentsdb in librenms


I can finally retrieve metric and hostname and send them to opentsdb as you see in the picturesrc

but I have one last problem I can not recover the values
And I did not understand how you made made it to retrieve it for influxdb and graphite
this is the code

     global $opentsdb;

    $config['opentsdb']['host'] = '';
    $config['opentsdb']['port'] = 4242;
    $hostname_tag = sprintf('%s=%s ', 'hostname', $device['hostname']);
    $tmp_tags = array($hostname_tag);;
    $opentsdb = fsockopen($config['opentsdb']['host'], $config['opentsdb']['port']);
    $tmp_tags = array($hostname_tag);
     foreach ($tags as $k => $v) {
       $v = preg_replace(array('/ /','/,/','/=/'), '_', $v);

        if (!empty($v)) {
             array_push($tmp_tags, sprintf('%s=%s ', $k, $v));
     foreach ($fields as $k => $v) {
         $line = sprintf('put %s %d %d %s', $metric, $timestamp, $v, $hostname);
         d_echo("Sending to OPenTSDB: $line\n");
         fwrite($opentsdb, $line . "\n");

In fact I must through an array php the 3 table device fields and tags
thank youPreformatted text