OPNsense and missing firewall graphs compared to pfSense

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LibreNMS have hade some trouble identifying OPNsense as a firewall since a couple of version back. The SNMP response makes it identify it as FreeBSD and not OPNsense.
This can be fixed by adding

sysDescr OPNsense Firewall

to snmpd.conf though in OPNsense.
Doing the above sysDescr LibreNMS nicely show as an OPNsense icon/device.

Now for the real question.
What I noticed is that pfSense looks a bit different inventoried and what I’m missing in OPNsense inventory is the /Device/Graphs/Firewall, which shows up for a pfSense device, with lots of use full information.

Is there an easy way to fix this? I looked around in github but got more than confused. As pfSense has it and they are pretty similar my though was to “bring some of the pfSense stuff” over to how OPNsense is inventoried.

Or can I manipulate local files to see if I can get it rediscovered so it also gets the Firewall data?


Anyone got a hint here or is the question to stupid? Give me something :slight_smile:

I’m seriously start to think that I’m shadow banned in here, or? :slight_smile:

Hi there, being a fan of both NMS & Opnsense, but limited experience on Pfsense. Can you share what graphs are you missing?


This. And further down the page you get allot of firewall info.

Posting from my mobile so I hope this shows.

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