OPNsense OS detection issues

Hi Guys,

I’ve changed my naming scheme for my Firewall appliance from OPNsenseFR1.mist to FirewallFR1.mist.
LibreNMS then changed the OS type from LibreNMS to FreeBSD.

Is there a way to manually set the Vendor/OS of a device or is this a bug?
See Poller and Discovery logs below.

Both Devices are OPNsense but ones just got a different name.

If you are having troubles with discovery/polling include the pastebin output of:

OPNsense.lynx named device

FirewallFR1.mist named device

LibreNMS - 1.57

More logs, only allowed 2 links per post as new user. (Admin can combine if possible.)

OPNsense.lynx named device

FirewallFR1.mist named device

just a little bump :slight_smile:

Hi @FingerlessGlov3s
LibreNMS is using SNMP “sysDescr” to identify OPNsense. If sysDescr contains “OPNsense” and is an UNIX, then it is matched. If changing the name also changes sysDescr, then that could explain your behaviour.
If you have a better way to identify OPNsense, feel free to test it and submit it as a PR to include it in next release.

Just before you posted this, I realised, so there’s a issue logged to set the sysDescr appropriately I hope.

OPNsense have added an extend called version, which contains the name and version "OPNsense 20.1.1 (amd64/OpenSSL)

How easy would it be to add this in to LIbreNMS, for device and version detection?

Created a Pull Request