Option -r for ping.php

Hi guys,
I would like to have the “do not update rrd files” for the ping.php like in the poller.php

Something like:
if (isset($options['r'])) { Config::set('norrd', true); }

We would like to have the 1min ping checks but I also want to be able to try/debug the ping.php without updating the rrd files.

@Danis_Kng : As you seems to have identified the way to achieve this, I would suggest to do it and submit it as a Pull Request in GitHub. LibreNMS is made by contributors like you.
Thanx !

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You lured me in a web of spaghetti :rofl:

Adding this option to /opt/librenms/ping.php makes no difference as it uses ./app/Jobs/PingCheck.php.

./app/Jobs/PingCheck.php does not use the config option ‘norrd’.

Where do you think would be best to add/change in the code?