Option to show MIB data as a table and not graph

Hi All,

I’ve been using LibreNMS for a few months now and I love it. It’s so powerful and easy to use.

We have 3 main types of devices that we monitor, Mikrotik Routers and Avaya ERS switches and IP Office phone systems.
I’ve successfully enabled the use of the Avaya MIBs for IPO devices, however it draws all data as a graph.

Now with the Avaya IPO most of the SNMP data outside of the standard stuff is to do with connected phones/extensions, licenses and other data like this.

If you look at the SNMP data in a MIB browser its obviously designed to be viewed in a table rather than individual graphs.

It would be great if I could specify a new tab that contains specific MIB data in a table.
In fact, it would be good if this was the default for the IPO device type.

I’m happy to work out what data needs to be arranged in the table, but don’t have the skills with PHP to implement it.



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