OS type passed to Oxidized has '-' in it's name (DELL-OS10)

I have 4 Dell S5224F switches running OS10. When I import the devices into LibreNMS it imports fine and collects all the performance data ect. But when Oxidized imports that device the OS shown has the OS as ‘dell-os10’, when I try to create a device config for that OS in Oxidized the ‘-’ character is deemed to be an invalid syntax:

I was using the os10.rb file that was on the git repository and modified the name to ‘dell-os10’ as well as the line 1 ‘class dell-os10 < Oxidized::Model’, when I started Oxidized it came back with an error '/var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/oxidized-0.28.0/lib/oxidized/model/dell-os10.rb:1: syntax error, unexpected ‘-’

I know there are several manufacturers that have a dash in the OS name, is there some way of remapping the OS name passed to Oxidized to remove the dash from the name? I used a device config file from GIT of ‘os10.rb’ that is supposed to work, so there must be somehow to modify that OS name that is passed.

Has anybody run into this? If so what am I missing?


Bump. Anyone seen this?

im using S5048F-ON with version 9.14, librenms automatically mapped os to dnos with out any config modifications or model mapping

Thanks for your reply, yours sounds like an older version, I am on 22.2 so when it sees a Dell switch it will see the new OS type. dnos was OS6 for the Dell switches and I would suspect that would be the OS returned for the switch you have.

unfortunately i do not have new version to check
you can try remapping the os like below in oxidized config

dell-os10: os10

there is a thread with similar issue in oxidized forum

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DING! Give the man a cigar! this is exactly what I was looking for. Works perfectly. Thanks for your help!

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