OSPF information missing in Libre

Hello, Libre community,
I am having an issue with our Libre server. Actually, everything is working fine except for the OSPF polling. Our network is designed this way: all our routers (Mikrotik) are connected via Ubiquiti PTP radios, hence they are all connected wirelessly and not via cable. So I am wondering if this is the reason Libre is not able to collect the OSPF data. The ospf_nbrs table is empty. Here are some screenshots (sorry I can only embed one photo so I wrote the results instead):

select * from ospf_instances returns only one content in the table

./validate.php output is OK everywhere

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d | ./pbin.sh
name: librenms
private: 1
expire: 0

./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -r -f -d | ./pbin.sh
name: librenms
private: 1
expire: 0

Routing tab on Libre global interface

The routing tab on a specific device interface shows only the routing table

Could anybody help me figure this out, please? Thanks

The fact that you are using wireless does not make a difference.

  • Which devices are you using ? Only Mikrotiks ?
  • Are they recognised in LibreNMS correctly ?
  • Do you have the OSPF module enabled for these.
    • If yes, does it discover something ?
    • Does it crash ?

Thank you @PipoCanaja for your assistance.

  • Mikrotiks are our routers and we use Ubiquiti (Airfiber & LTU), Siklu, Ray3, and IgniteNet HeliOS as radios to connect the routers wirelessly (PtP connection)
  • The radios are not all completely in Libre but most of them (almost all of them but all routers are in Libre) and they don’t yield any error of recognition in Libre
  • The OSPF module is enabled and only displays one result that is not even displaying, I will attach screenshots:
    The ospf_istances table in the database:

The routing tab in the UI

As for the crash, I haven’t seen any. How do I check that?

Is anyone here to help?