OVA and VMDK Image links not working

The link with OVA and VMDK Images for CentOS and Ubuntu both are not working. The links are broken.


OVA - https://www.lathwood.co.uk/librenms/librenms_centos_7.ova
VMDK - https://www.lathwood.co.uk/librenms/librenms_centos_7.vmdk


For some reason you’re sent to the https link which isn’t on at the moment, please try a different browser or force a browser cache clear and then use http://www.lathwood.co.uk/librenms/librenms_centos_7.ova or http://www.lathwood.co.uk/librenms/librenms_centos_7.vmdk

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Just to make sure, the link says “The image is built with VirtualBox, a vmdk is provided along with an ova which was exported using OFV 1.0 version. These should be supported in VMWare Fusion, Workstation, Player and VirtualBox.”

So does it imply it won’t work with Vsphere?

Correct. I can supply an esxi image if you need.

It’s fine I installed it. But, you can share a link of Esxi image incase someone needs it :slight_smile:

Can you provide the image for esxi. With both ova and vmdk, when I deploy it to esxi, it wont allow me to increase the disk space and it is stuck at 10GB.

Hi, can you please supply an librnms image for esxi? Thank you