OVA not loading a NIC

I used librenms-ubuntu-18.04-amd64.ova. Converted it to ofv so I could use it on an ESXi server. It’s booting up just fine, but doesn’t seem to ever load any kind of network.
In the ESXi manager I’ve added/removed Network adapters from this VM but it just doesn’t pick one up.
Being mostly clueless on manually configuring a NIC I’m hoping someone has done this, or similar before and can point me in a right direction.


Good day Trevor, I am evaluating this system for my company. I am having the same issue with the NIC Card on VMWare Workstation Pro 15.5. I am looking at Nagios XI as well. It is on the same VM system while in OVA format. I did not experience this issue. net-tools is not installed in the OVA either which makes it harder to trouble shoot.

Edit 1
upon writing this, I looked for the Centos image. It is not listed for 1.57 but there is one for 1.56. I loaded that version and I have a NIC Card. Access outside of the vm works.

Edit 2
Downloaded the Ubuntu 1.56 and this has the same issue as 1.57.

I was able to get this working on Workstation 15.2. You will want to make sure you are in Bridge Mode for the NIC. Also there is issues with the netplan config on Ubuntu. I had to learn a lot about that. netplan replaces the network manager that RHEL has. This made things complicated. I hope this gets you in the correct direction. I enjoyed the learning from this.

Issue was in Linux itself. I had to rename the NIC’s in the config files to match the name VMWARE was using… Once I did this it all seemed to work fine.