Overview pane


Is there anyway to put additional information into a server’s overview pane? (Top left area after clicking on a device - the table populated by snmp values.)

For instance, getting the selinux status of a server (via snmp) and reporting that in the overview pane.


Hi @ds-04
This is not possible as of today. You are free to code it and submit it as a Pull request, we can discuss it. help you code it, and finally merge it into LibreNMS.

Hadn’t really looked at this since posting all those months ago, but quickly delving into it now. I can see the issue is probably more one of presenting the data from SNMPD on the client machine.

I don’t think the SELINUX status is going to be available (by SNMP on Linux) without a wrapper script on sestatus or getenforce and then exposing this result through SNMP-extend. So then every client needs augmented with the basic wrapper script and SNMP-extend called by OS.php (I think) to present the result of that script into the overview pane.