Oxidised Authentication

I’ve been running Oxdized for a couple of years now and well integrated with LibreNMS. Can someone point me to where I can configure it so that I can have some sort of authentication when I go to http://x.x.x.x:8888/nodes

At the moment when I go to the URL it goes directly to the nodes list and anyone who know this URL within our network can access the configuration of all device I have. I’ve got IOS, NXOS, Vyatta, pfsense and procurve devices all backed up by Oxidised

Thanks for the help

You can avoid that by making oxidized-web binding to localhost only.

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Thanks @sorano. Is there a document you can point me to so I can go through to do that ?

Let me know


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Ive been to that link and doesnt show anything about configuring Oxidized web interface using any native authentication

Lol… Come on. I never wrote anything about authentication…

Can’t you solve this basic problem on your own and want me deliver a solution on a silver platter? :thinking:
If your problem is that the oxidized-web is reachable for everyone on your network I can think of quite a few workarounds to that.

The no brainer one would obviously be to use a firewall to limit access.
Another option would be binding on localhost then use a reverse proxy that limits access.

Thanks. Got it sorted