Oxidized and Gitlab on docker


I need your help !

I am using Oxidized and LibreNMS on a CentOS 8 VM everything works fine, my backups are sent to a gitlab running Docker using SSH.
Everything works but I would like to switch Oxidized to Docker.

My docker host now contains my gitlab and oxidized.

The Oxidized web interface is easily accessible and my devices are successfully recovered from LibreNMS, the backup begins.

The problem is that the Gitlab authentication fails yet I generated an ssh key from the root account of my docker host and I integrated it into Gitlab.

I have configured a file for ssh in /root/.ssh/config (my gitlab uses port 2222 for ssh).

When I do ssh -T gitlabq … it works fine but not with Oxidized.

I run my container with :
docker run -v /etc/oxidized:/root/.config/oxidized -v /root/.ssh:/root/.ssh -p 8888:8888/tcp -e UPDATE_CA_CERTIFICATES=true -t bootc/oxidized:lastest

In the configuration of the tool I have correctly configured the path of the public and private ssh key, I see many errors in the logs of the container :

Push_to_remote hook (# <GithubRepo: 0x000055f2d5d29f10>) failed (# ) for event: post_store

Thank you !