Oxidized - can't get config via API


I’ve tried to get devce configuration from oxidized via LNMS API(oxidized was integrated with LNMS) but i’ve received result like

“status”: “ok”,
“config”: “node not found”

Could you please tell me what can be a reason?
Thank you in advance.

When I had this issue first setting up the integration, it was due to devices in LibreNMS and Oxidized were identified by different address types. One had IPs and the other had hostnames. Cannot recall which was which though.
Also, the device types need to be mapped, for example, ciscowlc is aireos, juniper is junos etc.

I have configured device type mappings in oxidized config file


When does this error appear for you?
Is it when you test the return of groups in the API query by running the command "curl -H 'X-Auth-Token: YOURAPITOKENHERE' https://librenms.org/api/v0/oxidized"?

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