Oxidized - Can't remove old devices from list since changing the group name


I realised that Oxidized was to trying to back up many devices that were in LibreNMS that it shouldn’t. I created a new group in LibreNMS that looks correct, but in the Oxidized portal the switches are still there that an not in the group anymore.

$config[‘oxidized’][‘maps’][‘group’][‘os’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘ios’, ‘group’ => ‘SwitchesBackup’);
$config[‘oxidized’][‘maps’][‘group’][‘os’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘iosxe’, ‘group’ => ‘SwitchesBackup’);
$config[‘oxidized’][‘group_support’] = true;

For example:

What am I doing wrong?


In the config.php file, I still use this form to exclude from the API.

$config['oxidized']['ignore_types'] = array('server', "power");
$config['oxidized']['ignore_os'] = array('datacom');

The recommended by the documentation is to do the Oxidized integration through lnms.


config.php is deprecated, so thats why the documentation doesn’t mention it anymore.

You can delete from Oxidized by editing the device in Device → Edit → Misc and enable “Exclude from Oxidized?”

Thanks, but I think my issue was these devices were once in the Device Group I’m using in LibreNMS called ‘SwitchesBackup’, I’ve removed them from this group but they still appear in the Oxcidized website.

If not in the group they shouldn’t be included anymore? However it seems they are.

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