Oxidized config tab does not display versions diffs

Hi guys , my integration between librenms and oxidized is almost done.
I can see the config tab for configured devices but can not see the diff section.
$config['oxidized']['features']['versioning'] = true;
is listed at config.php.
git output is configured and working at oxidized application.

Still trying to figure out whats missing.
Any idea is wellcome , similar posts are not usefull for me.

I am currently experiencing the same problem and have searched all over the internet. Still no success …
We are exchanging experiences around here, who knows, maybe we can solve it.

I am in the line of reasoning that is something with the groups. I use Oxidized with source csv, and there the groups are different from LibreNMS. I will do further tests in this regard.

hi @lucas , do you have some improvement ?

No success yet… i having work with Oxidized URL until i solve this problem.

Hi Guys,

Is your oxidized configured to keep the old configs ? You need to enable git storage, for instance for oxidized to provide diff. If you only keep the last version, LibreNMS will not receive any diffs from oxidized.


Hello @PipoCanaja.
Yes, i have the local git repo configured im my Oxidized configuration. In the Oxidized Web interface all is working but in LibreNMS > Tools > Oxidized, is not showing the “Actions” collumn and your buttons, like “Configuration”, “Versions” and “Update”, how like Oxidized Web interface shows.

  • Are you logged in as an admin in LibreNMS ? (only admins have Oxidized page)
  • Do you have “Enabled Oxidized Support” enabled in “Global Settings / External / Oxidized Integration” ?
  • Do you have “Enable config versionning access” enabled ?
  • Is the Oxidized URL ( if you run it on the LibreNMS server) working as expected ? (no firewall rule, etc etc)
  • Yes, i always login with admin user;
  • Yes, Oxidized integration enabled;
  • Yes, config versioning enabled;
  • Yes, Oxidized URL is working perfectly.

Its happen that i’ve said before, only inside LibreNMS, the Oxidized dont show the versioning and others functions. In device page too is not show the config when i go in the config button.

If i change the source to http, options work in LibreNMS (any less the versioning, how we know), but its not option for me now. I have to work with csv.

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