Oxidized Cron

After I run first time oxidized process, how frequently it’s going to pull the configs? and push it to the librenms?

Whatever you set as your interval value

Where I can see this interval value?

It’s in your oxidized config.

One more question, most of my devices are backuped, but for some of them it gives the following error
Is it a bug or some adjustment on ssh should be done?

D, [2017-09-18T17:57:19.908138 #9044] DEBUG – : raised Net::SSH::Disconnect with msg "connection closed by remote host"
D, [2017-09-18T17:57:19.908332 #9044] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/node.rb: Oxidized::SSH failed for dl1080301.pan.local
D, [2017-09-18T17:57:19.908459 #9044] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/job.rb: Config fetched for dl1080301.pan.local at 2017-09-18 17:57:19 UTC
W, [2017-09-18T17:57:19.939132 #9044] WARN – : dl1080301.pan.local status no_connection, retry attempt 1

Looks like it can’t connect to the device, test your credentials from the oxidized host.