Oxidized doesn't fetch all configuration of switch

I have successfully configured oxidized and integrated it with API of librenms.
The problem is that it doesn’t fetch full configuration of switch.
Please see below:

! System Description… Dell Ethernet Switch
! System Contact…
! System Name… S3
! System Location…
! Burned In MAC Address… D067.E59F.1235
! System Object ID…
! System Model ID… PC8024F
! Machine Type… Powerconnect 8024F
**! **
! unit image1 image2 current-active next-active
! ---- ----------- ----------- -------------- --------------
! 1 image2 image2
**! **
! System Description: Dell Ethernet Switch
! ---- ----------- ------
! 1 Fan 1 OK
! 1 Fan 2 OK
! 1 Fan 3 OK

** ^**
% Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker.

Please any help.

Thank you


You should check that the login and password (and enable password if applicable) are correctly configured. It looks like oxidized doesn’t have the proper rights to get all the configuration.
If you look at oxidized documentation, you should find the debug syntax that will allow you to solve this. In my config, it looks like :

default: ssh, telnet
debug: /var/log/oxidized_debug_dir


Hello Thank you for reply.
Started the logs
D, [2018-04-24T07:33:19.121452 #1910] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/input/ssh.rb show system @ with expect: /^([\w\s.@-]+[#>]\s?)$/
D, [2018-04-24T07:33:19.121988 #1910] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/input/ssh.rb: expecting [/^([\w\s.@-]+[#>]\s?)$/] at

Thank you

You should have one file for each device configured for configuration retrieve. And then you’ll see the exact transcript of what’s going one, and understand if oxidized is trying a wrong command for the device, or badly authenticated etc etc etc.


I had this same issue but I got it fixed by configuring enable password on switch and Oxidized.