Oxidized failing with netgear devices

I am having issues with pulling logs from Netgear devices. According to logs the ssh.rb module is expecting some regexp on the output, however it just times out. I tried to increase the timeout, however without luck.

I can log in manually as the same user and execute mentioned commands without any issues - https://i.imgur.com/TMEXUXJ.png

There is log sample from one device from list - https://pastebin.com/raw/U51x9CPp
There is my config file - https://pastebin.com/raw/c2PwYCiZ

I have no clue how can i investigate it further

as per the logs, when you login manually - you are entering enable password also
but in the oxidized config, you did not config enable pwd for netgear group

But isnt the vars section responsible for that? According to my config file i have the enable password:

enable: MyPassword

Also in the logs i can see that oxidized is executing the enable and is providing the proper password:

D, [2022-07-30T12:19:53.298297 #7946] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/input/ssh.rb enable (Mypassword) @ with expect: /[pP]assword:\s?$/
D, [2022-07-30T12:19:53.298639 #7946] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/input/ssh.rb: expecting [/[pP]assword:\s?$/] at

So i doubt thats the case.

At this point i think something is wrong with the prompt detection for those netgear devices, however i have no clue how to fix that so far.


    username: admin
    password: password
      enable: password

Have you tried this way?

Prompt is matching

is this happening with all Netgear devices ?

Hello, i have tried your way, however behaviour is exact the same. I also changed the source from LibreNMS API to router.db file in which i provided enable and its password as separate octet (example. netgear: etc.), but it does not work either.

Yes, it is happening with all the netgear devices we have. None of them are working.

Most of them are GSM7328FS models. We have few M5300-28GF3 ProSafe 24-port as well. The issue is the same for all of them.

Okay guys, i just checked the configs/ directory and i have found out that i was able to pull the configuration from one netgear device properly, it was one week ago. So it means i had working configuration and now i “only” need to find out what is messed out with the current configuration:

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