Oxidized group overrides match with IP address?


when creating group overrides for oxidized, as far as I understand the docs, I can just match devices using hostname , sysname , os , location , sysDescr or hardware, right? (here)

This just doesn’t make sense to me why matching shouldn’t be possible by IP address?
For instance: our routers are all called corou0001, corou0002,… some of them are in the mpls backbone, but most aren’t.

The only real difference between “normal” routers compared to the mpls routers is really the management IP, all mpls routers are in the same net. Other Routers in other random nets

So right now it’s not possible for me to match the mpls routers, but not the normal routers or the other way round, as they are literraly the same hostname, same sysname, same os, all on another location, the same Hardware and I really don’t know what sysdescr is.

Please tell me that i just don’t get the docs, I can’t be the first one wanting this.


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