Oxidized how to limit amount of config versions

I am using Oxidized with LibreNMS and it works amazing well. But Oxidized stores about 300-400 versions of config for each device because I make changes everyday. How can i limit the amount of config versions to for example to 30? I’ am using pretty basic Oxidized config:

username: oxiuser
password: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
model: junos
resolve_dns: true
interval: 43200
use_syslog: false
debug: false
threads: 30
timeout: 100
retries: 3
prompt: !ruby/regexp /^([\w.@-]+[#>]\s?)$/
next_adds_job: false
vars: {}
groups: {}
models: {}
pid: "/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/pid"
  directory: "/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/crashes"
  hostnames: false
  history_size: 10
  default: ssh, telnet
  debug: false
    secure: false
    passive: true
  utf8_encoded: true
  default: git
    user: oxidized
    email: [email protected]
    repo: "/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/configs"
  default: http
  debug: false
    url: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      name: hostname
      model: os
      group: group
      X-Auth-Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  juniper: junos
  cisco: ios


I am also facing same issue and want to limit the number of version. Anyone who can help.

Change the interval of how often oxidized is run in the oxidized config. if you have it set at 43200 like in the above config you will only be getting a backup every twelve hours.

i dont know how the op was getting hundreds of configs a day unless he has librenms set to backup off of a config change syslog message.

We were at about 550k commits on our repo for about 1800 devices over the last 4 years.
Only way I saw to reduce the numbers of commits was to use “git gc” on a regular basis (1/week) and clone and replace our repo with the last 50000 commit.
using these commands:
stop the oxidized service:
sudo systemctl stop oxidized
copy the repo with the last 50k commit to keep a few version of each changes:
git clone --depth 50000 file:////usr/oxidized/backups/default.git default-tmp.git
move the repos
mv /usr/oxidized/backups/default.git /usr/oxidized/backups/default-backup.git
mv /usr/oxidized/backups/default-tmp.git /usr/oxidized/backups/default.git
restart the service
sudo systemctl start oxidized