Oxidized node list dissapears


I have this weird issue, I just finished configuring oxidized with Librenms. When I go to librenms oxidized node list, the device there appears and then disappears. What is weird is if I got to CLI of oxidized and type 'oxidized" the debugging starts and as long I don’t interrupt the debugs, the device stays in librenms oxidized node list. If I were to exist of out the CLI, the device disappears. I can then log back in to the CLI of oxidized and type “oxididized” and the device reappears.

What am I missing?
Thank you

Sounds like you are starting oxidized within your terminal and when you exit, the oxidized process dies and you stop seeing data in LibreNMS. You can find init, service and other startup scripts depending on your distro in https://github.com/ytti/oxidized/tree/master/extra

I will look, i use ubuntu 20.

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Thanks! Figured it out, was missing the oxidized.service

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