Oxidized not working for edge-core

Hi, I have problem with edge-core switches for example this model Edge-Core FE L2 Switch ES3528M. I have working oxidized, but we have a lot of this switches and will be nice to have working oxidized setup for configs of them.

Oxidized has model with name edgecos, what I think is a for edge-core switches, but in librenms is Operating System for example Edgecore R01

when i ran curl -H ‘X-Auth-Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ http://librenms/api/v0/oxidized

i get this info for my edge core switch

"hostname": "hostaname",
"os": "edgecos",
"group": "default"

So ok I did a group with edgecos model with username and password, in oxidized config and in config.php

$config[‘oxidized’][‘group’][‘os’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘edgecos’, ‘group’ => ‘edge-core’);

everything is working I get this:

"hostname": "js25-1",
"os": "edgecos",
"group": "edge-core"

But in my librenms i can’t see oxidized integration for edge core switches

And I can’t see this switches in oxidized web too.

What is wrong with this ?

Cisco switches is working, airos too for example.

Please help.