Oxidized: Pager Regex

I’m working on a new model file and i’m not sure if i’m using the expect statement correctly to handle the paging on this device.

The output looks like this (from a tcpdump).

hostname > show configuration running
Please wait… (up to a minute)

module ct3 1/1
framing m13

exit aaa
Press any key to continue (q : quit) :.

The regex should be simple enough with this
expect /Press any key to continue/ do |data, re|
send ‘\n’
data.sub re, ‘’

Yet the terminal session times out waiting at the prompt.

I’ve tried several other iterations without the data substitution and just a raw do send \n.

Oxidized gives a “timed out while waiting for more data” error which leads me to believe that it’s not seeing the proper regex pattern.

Do I have to put the regex match inside the cmd statement?