Oxidized per device credentials?


just wanted to ask if its somehow possible to set credentials in oxidized on a per device base as stated in the docs?

I know you could work around with groups and just one member and set credentials for that grout but thats kind of hit or miss if the device is already in another group that gets overriden (first). e.g. device is member of big-group “A” and single-device-group “B” and I set a credential for both groups. Logically only one gets picked up but I have no (visible) control over which one.


Sure you can set login and password columns on per device basis in source map var in oxidized config file, like this:

  default: csv
  file: router.db
  delimiter: !ruby/regexp /:/
    name: 0
    model: 1
    group: 2
    ip: 3
    username: 4
    password: 5