Oxidized pulling missing data from API

I have LibreNMS running with Oxidized plugin enabled and i have most of the network devices with the config backup working.

There are 2 switches that i cannot see in the Oxidized plugins and i dont understand.

When i query the API directly, i can see those 2 devices :

       "hostname": "VD-TDL-SAN-10G-SW01",
       "os": "dell-os10",
       "ip": "",
       "group": "dell"
   },    {
       "hostname": "",
       "os": "fs-switch",
       "ip": null,
       "group": "GcomBNPS"

Those are a Dell 4128 and a Fiberstore 3900 respectively.

I do not understand how they do not appear in my Oxidized panel. Has anyone got this kind of problem ?