Oxidized trigger by syslog - Mikrotik


I am trying to get oxidized to pull config after a config change on mikrotik.

I have simplified my regex as much as i can, since i struggle wrapping my head around regex in general… Using rsyslog - updates fine into libre

Log message (From wireshark): system,info AP1: device changed by admin

Config string: (using a dummy script to touch a file, if i get a match)

$config['os']['routeros']['syslog_hook'][] = Array('regex' => '/changed by/', 'script' => '/opt/librenms/scripts/z.sh');

It is not matching - and i am at a loss on how to debug

i also restart rsyslog service between every change - (also syslog service, just in case)

Is the syslog received by LibreNMS?

What’s the script for?

The script is something that just “touch zworks” - creates a empty file to indicate that the hook triggered. Others has used this method to verify hook trigger.

Yes, syslog works fine.