Oxidized Value Mapping Priority/Order

Does anyone know if it’s possible to order the Mapping being done on devices?

I have 500 Switches, all named “switch001-switch500”, most of them, like 90%, have the same credentials so I start with a map, which regex maps sysnames “switch001-switch500” and replaces the Group with “switch-unspecified”. This works really well.

Problem is, that there are some switches which have the same name, but have other credentials, like specific switches for customers, etc.
Now I made a mapping rule which maps specific IP addresses to another Group, the important part is that these switches do have a name which matches with the first rule. So these devices always get the first group back… A device I added which doesn’t match the first group matches the second and gets the right group, so the problem doesn’t seem to be with my rules…

It looks like the Mapping matches devices only on the first hit, if a match occurs, LibreNMS doesn’t search the table for other matches, like a Forwarding Table on a Firewall or something…

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
There probably would be some cool fixes like having a priority field in every match rule, and rules get worked on priority, after first match stop.